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Commonly referred to as gel blasters, the Gel guns are fun yet safe toys intended for children and these guns have foam darts as well which are very safe.. Also, adults can have equal fun with Gel guns. These guns work similarly to that of a Nerf gun. However, they use gel balls instead of Nerf darts when it comes to ammunition.

Most Gel guns are powered by lithium-ion batteries while some models use batteries that are built inside the guns and need to be changed manually. While the Gel guns are recognized by many names, they use the same mechanism including the ammunition to be used.

For this article, the terms gel blaster or Gel gun refers to all types of guns for children that use gel balls. That’s because they are the same to almost every person. Also, the article lists the seven best Gel guns that you can buy.


What Are The Other Names Of Gel Guns?

Gel guns are known by different names by people worldwide. Here are some of the popular names.

Gel blaster
Gel ball gun
Hydrogel blaster
Water gel blaster
Water bead gun

Gel bead gun

Apart from the names mentioned above, there are other names for this product as well. In short, no fixed term is used for Gel guns. However, all these guns use the same small gel ball called water beads or Gel beads.


What Kind Of Ammunition Do Gel Guns Use?

To begin with, this is not an easy question to answer. In general, Gel guns are referred to as gel blaster, water bead guns, and so on. While they belong to the same family of toys, the kinds of ammunition that these toy guns use might be different.

That’s because there are plenty of manufacturers and each of them has their design. As such, the kinds of ammunition differ as well. However, all of them use hydrogel beads as ammunition. But the physical structure and size of the beads vary depending on the model that you wish to buy.

Almost every Gel gun uses 7 to 8 mm bead size ammo. Because these hydrogel beads are firm and come in small sizes, they won’t break easily. However, for other models, 10 mm beads are needed. They are softer and the chances of them breaking during the impact is maximum.

Keep in mind that you need the right kind of ammunition for your blaster gun. If the size of the ammo is too large, it won’t fire. Moreover, if the beads are too small, they won’t reach far and the Gel gun will be less effective.

The ammunition needed for your Gel gun has different names such as gel balls, hydrogen water beads, hydrogel beads, and so on. Also, you will find out that while looking out for Gel or water beads, you will get all the possible options for ammunition. However, keep in mind that most of those options might not work properly. Hence, make sure that your model supports the right ammo.


How Do You Prepare The Ammo?

After buying your favorite Gel gun and the right ammo for the product, you should soak the beads for about 4 to 6 hours. However, to get better results, you can use distilled water. The beads become enlarged in size over a specific timeframe. But what happens if you soak them for extended hours?

Even if you soak them for longer hours than the specified time, they won’t grow bigger after a certain size. So, you can leave the beads immersed in water for a longer period or overnight if you want. Keep in mind that the variation in water quality can have a significant impact on the size of beads.

Distilled water makes the Gel grow to its full size. Whereas, filtered water makes the bead grow almost to its original size. But tap water gives you varied results because the quality of the water varies from one place to another. Tap water that contains chlorine alongside other elements can cause the beads to inflate about 80 to 95%.


Are Gel Guns Safe For Children?

When you follow the right safety precautions, the Gel guns are the safest toy for your children. Almost every Gel gun needs to be shot between 150 and 300 feet per second range. Also, wearing protective is a must when you have these guns in your hand.

However, you can expect a slight pinch’ when using weaker models. Also, there are chances of having small bruises if you are hit by a powerful Gel gun. Furthermore, hydrogel beads have less effect compared with paintballs. In short, keep in mind that safety lies in your hands.

To ensure that your kids remain safe while involved in this passionate game about shooting, having protective eye gear is a must. They keep the eyes safe from stinging when stuck by the softness of the gel balls.


What Are The Common Uses Of Gel?

In general, when it comes to agriculture, you can find Gel Bead very effective. That’s because they deliver the water in small amounts. And, the water discharged through this process is enough to water flowers. Hence, many people use them for watering flowers whether they are in the backyard or inside the house.


How Can You Dispose Of Gel?

Because Gel causes issues with plumbing, never try to dispose of them by merely throwing them down the drains. It is important to know how to dispose of them without raising any kinds of problems. The only way to dispose of them without trouble is to put them inside the trash.

In addition, you can use them to water flowers in the garden. It is a great way to dispose of Gel without worries. Moreover, Gel is biodegradable, and using them in your garden, regardless of big or small is a wonderful idea that many people follow.


What About Gel For Children?

Gel is the common name given to the gel beads that grow in size when you put them in water. Also, it is one of the most loved toys for many kids. Apart from that, Gel has other uses as well. Many people use them to decorate their homes because they make the space colorful and brighter.


Will Gel Guns Or Gel Blasters Be Banned In The Future?

Unfortunately, a few countries have banned Gel guns or gel blasters. And, the most significant example is Australia. The reason why they have banned using these guns in most states is that they resemble real firearms. However, a majority of countries allow one to use one.

And, you don’t even need special permissions for using the same. It is highly unlikely that the US will ban these guns because they have separate laws when it comes to using lax guns. Moreover, there are a few Western countries that have banned them entirely or have limited their usage.



If you want something that can keep your children away from smartphones or television, Gel guns should be the right solution. However, many people believe that guns could benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of your children. Also, it contributes to their cardiovascular health as well. Because they need to maneuver their way out strategically, it helps them develop mental strength.



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