DR. STAR Kukulcan Pyramid 3D Puzzles

Buildings: Kukulcan Pyramid


Precise Detail: Micro-sized bricks allow for intricate detail in finished designs, surpassing regular-sized bricks.

Therapeutic Experience: Building with micro-sized bricks is both challenging and calming, offering a unique balance that requires focused attention.

Greater Challenge: Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a more complex and detailed building experience compared to standard-sized brick brands.

Enhances Focus: Building with micro-sized bricks improves children's focus, concentration, and spatial awareness.

Decorative Addition: Once completed, the toy doubles as a stylish home decoration and a valuable addition to any collection.

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Our toys come with a 180-day warranty.
For building block toys with missing parts, please take a photo of the instruction manual indicating the missing pieces.
For other toys, describe the defect, and we'll offer technical support or send replacement parts. Warranty parts under 1kg are shipped by air free of charge.


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