Some tips on gel blaster batteries


So you have all your gear setup ready to go, one problem you may face is if your Gel Blaster battery keeps draining before the end of the day but there is more blasting to do! Or maybe the battery you have isn’t suitable? Also maybe your charger isn’t suitable too?

Maybe an extra Gel  Baster battery and a good suitable charger is what you need? 

In this blog will go over the different types of batteries you can get.

Keep in mind depending on the Gel Blaster setup, it could be a stock standard one or be modified. Also keep in mind modified Gel Blasters with higher compression (larger springs) will require a more powerful battery..

Standard batteries should last anywhere between 2-4 hrs, but this also depends on how many times you fire the Gel Blaster eg. Lots of full automatic fire will drain the battery faster!

If you don’t like your Gelblasters battery performance, we highly recommend replacing it with a better battery that has a bigger capacity and better efficiency. That way, you don’t have to recharge your battery too often, and you won’t run out of battery in the middle of play. Other than that, the battery’s power can also influence the performance, rate of fire, and durability in the playfield. 

Gel Blaster batteries come in different sizes, capacities, and voltages. The bigger the capacity, the more power your battery has. However, it also depends on your needs and preference. Some people only need one extra battery, and some others may need two or more. If you play a lot of Gel Blasting, a good suggestion is getting a bigger capacity battery (or more then one battery) so that you don’t need to recharge too often. 

Battery Type

There are two types of batteries to choose from. The first one is a NiMH battery, and the other one is a LiPo battery. NiMH battery is pretty much similar to your regular AAA battery. This type of battery can last for up to two years when recharged regularly.

LiPo battery is the newest technology. This battery can hold more charge and tend to last longer than a NiMH battery. Depending on your budget, one battery type can be a better option than the other. Word of warning, LiPo batteries can be dangerous and should be handled with care.


Image above: A Turnigy nano-tech 1200mah Airsoft battery with balanced charger plug and mini-Tamiya connector.

Once you’ve chosen the right battery type, it’s time to pick the right battery capacity for your needs. It depends on what kind of Gel Blaster you have. The more advanced your blaster is, the more power-consuming it’s going to be. So if you play a lot, we suggest buying a Gelblaster battery with a bigger capacity and getting a good charger to go with it. You may need a battery that’s 1500mAh or more. Also, be advised that some of the cheaper batteries say that they are rated to X amount of mAh but it is not the case and is very misleading.


Image above: An example of an 11.1v NiMH Gel Blaster battery that claims to be rated at 2000mAh


After you know what capacity you need, don’t forget to check the voltage too. Most LiPo batteries are 7.4 Volt or 11.1 Volt, while NiMH batteries are either 8.4 Volt or 9.6 Volt. Make sure you pick a Gel Blaster battery that suits your specifications. If yours supports LiPo batteries, it’s normally compatible with NiMH batteries too.


And last but not least, you need to check the C rating when buying a Gel Blaster battery and charger. You can usually find this near the voltage number on the battery. The batteries will have a C rating between 10c to 25c. This number explains the discharge power of the battery. The higher the C number, the more power the battery sends to the motor.

Do All Gel Blaster use the same battery?

Not all Gel Blasters use the same battery. That’s why you always need to check your specifications before buying a new Gel Blaster battery and charger. Checking the battery as the correct connector for you is a good idea unless you are tech-savvy and can change the plug yourself or know someone who can. Some Gel Blaster is only compatible with NiMH batteries, while others are compatible with LiPo and NiMH, this mainly depends on if the Gel Blaster has been upgraded with a larger spring, etc. as it requires more raw power to move the gearbox inside the blaster.

Do Gel Blaster Batteries Explode?

Most Gel Blaster batteries are safe. However, you still need to handle them with proper care. Don’t expose the battery to extreme weather and heat. Also, don’t forget to store them in a dry storage area. And for safety in the playfield, don’t forget to wear the correct PPE on the field.

What Happens If You Overcharge Your Gel Blaster Battery?

Even though many gel blaster batteries are already equipped with advanced features to automatically stop charging, you should never make it a habit. Overcharging your battery can lead to cell splitting, leaks, and even causing a fire. NEVER charge your batteries UNATTENDED! 

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