YaGee Gel Blaster

Gel Blaster is the latest & funny gaming activities for adults and kids, also for families.It will give us an intense, exciting, enjoyable gaming experience and strengthen the relationship bewteen one to the other.This is one of the important reasons why we propaganda this game.

YaGee does not sell the simulated gun gel blaster. We regard Gel Blaster as a competitive game, it should be safe and non-violent.

Our company members have become enthusiasts of the game. We hope more people can attend this funny game. Guys , we will be totally transparent with you - we are not part of some big Ecommerce company nor we are experts in digital marketing , SEO or business strategies. So we insist on improving our quality and customer service satisfaction.


We truly understand the value of your money , time and trust and we constantly improve ourselves and our products so that we can deliver high quality out of the gel blaster to you at the most affordable prices . Your satisfaction is our greatest goal and will always be - we don't just say this for the sake of it but we truly abide by it and constantly shape ourselves to give you a world class user experience every time you visit us !!!!


Guys - we will be totally honest with you that not all the  products are  designed by us . We have a vast line of products that is why it is not feasible for us .Most of the Gel Blaster Quality Manufacturers are located in Chenghai China, so we have set up an supply chain office here. This is why we have the advantage of quality control and technical support.


Our Technologies 24X7 Live customer support team is always there for you . If you have any questions , issues, problems or suggestions for us, just go to the home page and leave a message there . We promise we will look into the matter immediately and reply in less than 20- 25 minutes . If you have something more urgent , then write a mail to us at support@gelblasterbattle.com

Even after you have received the product, don't hesitate if you have any problems regarding how to use the product or about the warranties etc . We would be really glad to help


We know that we talk a big game about customer satisfaction , quality control , product excellence , customer support and we do abide by them . But then also we have some flaws and drawbacks which we are unable to solve at the current moment and we just wanted to share them with you and hope that you understand !!!


We really apologise for our long shipping times but there is a reason for it and we want to share it with you . In the electronics toy industry , the chances of damaged product , fake product or used product are very high ( Around 28% ) .So as a part of the Quality Control Programme , all our inventory is stocked and dispatched from The YaGee Warehouse in China . Because of this we are able to maintain complete supervision and authenticity of our products. All our goods are first checked , verified and approved here and then they are dispatched to your country via International Shipping which takes time . And this is the reason our goods take 15 - 18 days to arrive. We again apologise for the inconvenience and we hope you can understand that


Some of the products you receive have their instruction manuals and warranty card in Chinese.

But if you have any problem regarding the usage or application of product , just drop a message and a member from our support team will promptly respond and explain you how to use the product or whatever problem you are facing . We all have detailed knowledge of all our products so don't worry , we will easily solve your problem.


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